How to make a site basement (footer): design options, why you need it, tips

Developers often lose sight of the fact that the footer is one of the basic elements of a website. It can give more complete information about the company, and also performs various useful functions: facilitates navigation, helps orientate visitors to the web project and come in handy for some commercial purposes.

Previously in the blog, we looked at the development of the cap of the site, and today talk about the basement. Here you need to intelligently approach the selection of control components, which will be included in it, so as to get an effective and optimal solution.

Here is a translation of the article by Agentestudio with current findings on design of footer elements on the webpage. Also take a look at our collection of 40+ beautiful footers for inspiration.

This post consists of three parts:

Benefits of footer for a web resource.

10 variants of footer design.

3 steps for its creation.


1. it visually completes the content block

Creating a catchy footer will attract even more visitors to you. It's hard to guess how long potential readers will browse the website - maybe up to infinity! Therefore, when designing it, you should remember: the element is located "on the pickup", it will always find its audience.

content completeness

2. Helps the site owner to make "leads" (sales, actions)

Let everyone see that after the content web project does not end. Place any appropriate option there for back contact: Email, contact form, or just your address. These extra details will help readers take the "next step" and call/text you.

help with leads.

3. Footer contains useful information.

Have more information that you can't fit on the page? - If so, it can easily be added to the footer. This can be any external links to useful resources, your partners or colleagues. It's also logical to include here some legal data like links to terms/rules of service, disclaimers, etc. (these are usually placed somewhere at the very end).

useful information

4. it directs visitors to the website

One important thing to keep in mind: if a person is too far away from the header when viewing/scrolling through a web page, then they haven't found what they came to you for. "Redirect" it with the navigation at the very bottom of the screen to the main sections of the web resource.

The direction of visitors

5. To attract attention.

If all the content looks sparse, you can try to attract attention by making the footer site as bright, creative style, and even make it to some extent "entertainment" (as in the drawing designs and layouts with cartoon graphics).

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