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The price of a website depends on four important factors:


  • What kind of website do you need?

    • Classic Informative (up to 5 pages)

    • Online Store (E-Commerce)

      • If it’s an Online Store (E-Commerce) website, how many products you have.

      • What Merchant Service are you going to use (PayPal – Wix – Square – Stripe)

    • Membership Website

    • Database & Programming Code, etc. 

  • What Apps do you need to use on your site?

    • Booking,

    • Members Plan & Packages,

    • Events,

    • Photography,

    • Restaurant,

    • Music, etc. 

  • How much content do you have?

    • Text,

    • Images,

    • Videos,

    • Graphics, etc. 

  • The Design:

    • We do not charge for the design, we charge for the time that we’re going to spend on your site to make it nice, professional, and responsive for desktop/mobile and small screen devices.

    • If you have a Wix template, or if you found a website that you want us to take a look at as a reference, or to replicate/mirror it, please send us the link so we can understand better what kind of design and functionality preferences you want for your site.

Here’re some basic starting prices:


  • Classic Informative Website Design | Starting at $685.00 (One-Time Fee)

    • Up to 5 Tabs/Pages (ex. Home - About - Services - Gallery - FAQ - Policy - Contact, etc.)  

    • Up to 8 hours work.

  • E-Commerce Website Design | Starting at $855.00 (One-Time Fee)

    • Up to 5 Tabs (ex. Home - About - Services - Gallery - FAQ - Policy - Shop - Contact, etc.)

    • The first five products with 3 variations are included (ex. Size - Color - Gender, etc.)

    • Additional Products | $385.00 (up to 20 products)

    • For each product you can include:

      • Up to 10 photos,

      • Product Name,

      • Product Price,

      • Product Description,

      • Product Inventory and SKU (optional),

      • Product Variations (Size, Color, Gender, etc.).


  • Booking Website Design | Starting at $855.00 (One-Time Fee)

    • Up to 3 Services.​

    • Up to 1 Member and 1 Calendar Sync. (Google)​

    • Additional Services and Members will be quoted separately.

  • Membership Website Design | Starting at $985.00 (One-Time Fee)

    • Standard Sign-Up form from Wix included (email + password only)​

    • Custom Sign-Up form available upon request (First & Last Name, Phone, and Email)

  • Database + Programming Code Website | Starting at $985.00 (One-Time Fee)

    • The first Database is included (up to 10 fields).
      • Additional Databases = $170.00/each (up to 10 fields each).

    • Dashboard Page to maintain and update the Database | $285.00 (One-Time Fee) - Optional.

      • Additional Databases | $170.00 each.​

FYI: The above prices are just basic prices, the final price will depend on all the factors mentioned above.

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